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Moon’s Travel Ambassadors

Here at Moon, we’re excited to partner with amazing travelers who share our values. Our ambassadors are always on the move and provide their top travel hacks, itineraries, thoughtful recommendations, and inspiration—so you can take your adventures to the next level. Each ambassador’s perspective is unique, but a passion for exploring our world unites them. Whether it’s about traveling sustainably, on a budget, or with kids, our Moon Travel Ambassadors have valuable advice to offer. We hope you’ll find it as helpful as we do!

Amanda of Big Family Blessings

a dark haired woman smiling
Amanda McDowell of Big Family Blessings.

Amanda McDowell of Big Family Blessings is an adventurous mom of six based in southern Virginia. She’s teaching her crew to live life to the fullest whether they are home on the farm or trekking through a new concrete jungle. Her site covers parenting through life’s joys and challenges, and learning to embrace the gift of each new day together.

Dia of The Deal Mommy

a woman in a brightly colored shirt
Dia Adams, AKA The Deal Mommy.

Dia Adams, AKA The Deal Mommy, is a real-life mom of a teen and a tween in the DC Metro area. Between growing up in foreign service and working in consulting, she built up a serious love of travel. She has visited over 40 countries and lived in Thailand, China, and Ireland (where Deal Kid was born). After Deal Kid and then Deal Girl came along, she learned to balance her passion for travel with the realities of, well, real life with two kids. She has been able to show her kids the world while still maintaining her savings and sanity. The Deal Mommy is now host to a trusted community of fellow travelers who share tips and tricks and motivate each other to get out there!

Genevieve of Le Petit Elefant

a woman in glasses holding up artwork
Artist Genevieve Santos of Le Petit Elefant.

Genevieve Santos is an illustrator born, raised and living in San Jose, California, and sole proprietor of a small stationery company, Le Petit Elefant. Wanderlust got the best of her so she’s traveled to 31 countries before turning 30, sometimes backpacking, sometimes by camper van, sometimes on her own, but always with a sketchbook. She also has an insatiable weakness for ice cream.

Keryn of Walking on Travels

a woman carrying a child on her back
Keryn Means of Walking on Travels.

Keryn Means of Walking on Travels aims to give hope to the adventurer that doesn’t want to put their active lives on hold when they have children. Walking on Travels has been reaching families and couples looking for valuable travel information since 2011. In addition to Keryn’s helpful site, she provides travel inspiration delivered to inboxes everywhere through Twist Travel Magazine.

Kirsten of Kids Are A Trip

a family of five poses while traveling
Kirsten Maxwell of Kids Are A Trip with her family.

Kirsten Maxwell of Kids Are a Trip is an experienced family traveler from Chicago. Her site focuses on outdoor adventures, off the beaten path experiences, and connecting with other cultures through travel. As a mom of three boys, she values unplugged vacations that allow the family to connect on a different level and encourages other families to make time for the same.

Lesli of This Crazy Homeschool Life

a woman with short brown hair smiling
Lesli Gibbs of This Crazy Homeschool Life.

Lesli Gibbs is passionate about opening a child’s world through rich experiences. She publishes This Crazy Homeschool Life, a site dedicated to encouraging families to reach beyond “normal” and thrive through educational adventures. On her site, you’ll find ways to enrich your child’s learning through travel experiences and locations for your family to visit.

Leslie of Trips With Tykes

a woman with light hair smiling
Leslie Harvey of Trips with Tykes.

Leslie Harvey is a mother of two kids living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her blog Trips With Tykes chronicles the joys and challenges of family travel with little ones. Her work focuses on identifying and overcoming the little logistical challenges of travel with young children that make so many families shy away from it before they even begin. Leslie’s travel passions include all things involving planes and air travel, Disney, and national parks. Leslie has lived in California for more than a decade, but she still proudly holds onto the last vestiges of her Southern accent, acquired from a childhood growing up in Alabama.