Moon Covers Places Others Don’t

Yesterday the Associated Press ran a travel brief on Moon’s new first edition title to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula region. One may wonder why Moon—with coverage extending across the globe—would deem what some consider an obscure location, worthy of a guidebook. Here at Moon, obscurity and seemingly untouched regions don’t stop us…in fact, they intrigue us.

Giving local US regions the same great coverage we do to more remote destinations is nothing new for Moon. We were the first major series to publish guidebooks to Arizona (1986), Utah (1988), Nevada (1989), Texas (1990), Oregon (1991), and Idaho (1992), among others. In recent years our US coverage has become increasingly targeted, with guidebooks to seven different national parks, and individual guidebooks to Tahoe, San Juan Islands, Florida Gulf Coast, Chesapeake Bay, etc.

While other publishers might ignore unique destinations like Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we are committed to them with a belief that any corner of the world is worthy of first-class coverage and exploration.

Happy travels to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula & beyond!

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